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Can one teach me how to preserve my Simgleplayer File?

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We all know Arks got all the bugs in the universe. So when we continue to play it after discovering them we end up knowing what were getting into. Now about 4 or 5 times now my Singleplayer Data keeps getting corrupted and I've tried making save backups for each time and for some odd reason when Ark is in the loading process a Fatal Error shows up 100% of the time. I have these back up saves on a completely different device and for some odd reason when replacing the... I guess is considered a "Corrupted" file. I then add the file data map before this fatal error occured. But that somehow gets the same fatal error too. I even took a look at the files and compared the files side by side to see if i could change anything to match the back up. It just simply wasnt possible to fix it. Trust me in Singleplayer they pretty much expect you to fix the game yourself. The 5 or 4th time this happened however, I believe Ark corrupted my windows and required me to reinstall it. When i booted up my computer for the first time that day it was fine. Then i booted up Ark. Then it was taking longer than usual. So i restarted my computer and then the corruption took place. I pin Ark to this cause on top of it being the only program that has bugs in it. I had not downloaded any other programs other than Dolphin Emulator. Oculus App. And Beacon. Which are all safe programs to use. It could be steam or a windows recent update that caused it, however there were no updates availiable to my knowledge at the time. So even though Ark basically almost destroyed my computer and it erased itself AGAIN. I still wanna play it cause i think have a thing for animals in general i guess. Anyway so because i still have this STUPID urge to keep playing. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help me have a solid singleplayer file and not have it get erased? I understand this question is equal to a Long shot with a Fabricated Pistol in the complete dark but theres a sort of belief in me that really thinks that I can have a solid ark file without it getting erased. Note i do not have the income to open a server.

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SP Ark has been relatively stable for me. If you are getting corruption during / after an update, the only thing to do is the steam "verify files" thing on Ark.
In terms of saving your maps and character, copy the whole directory in common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\ for the map you want to keep (like SavedArksLocal is for the Island, Valguero_PSavedArksLocal is for Valguero and etc.).

If you getting persistent fails like this (especially to the point of re-installing Windows!) I would look firstly at your windows log's to check that you don't have a disk that is busy failing (this is most likely), and then probably a full virus scan on your box .....

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