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pvp Can anyone recommend a decent Official EU server?


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Hi there all Ark friends, so as the topic goes im looking for a moore friendly server or atleast a server where there is less toxic/bullying behaviour.

So me and a friend (both adults) recently started playing ARK PVP, ive played single player for a few years on and off and my friend is about 2 weeks into the game in general,

We really enjoy playing the game. Our problem is that the few servers we have been playing on we just get bullied by the big tribes for no reason what so ever. We pose no real threat to these big/old tribes and we havent been raiding or trying to make enemies at all. Yet the destruction they make to our bases feels like they are trying to run us off the servers or is some sort of revenge. So for example: we been playing on ragnarok (Amazing Map BTW) and now the latest raid that was 2 days ago we built a pretty sweet base or atleast was starting to become one in a cave location. we had 4 walls, 3 air locks, Turrets on the outside. Yet when we got back the next day its all gone and im not talking about the loot! they litterally destryoed every single wall, gate, foundation, door yeah you name it. (they must have gone thru atleast 200 c4 for this) so 99% of what was there is now gone.(and yes it was all metal) so it dosent feel like they are raiding in order to get loot but just to destroy for others. and its becomming slightly booring atm. So im making a last attempt here on the forum to see if anyone can point us in the right direction.

Need to ad so there is no confusion, we absolutley understand that raiding is part of the game and we wouldent wanna change that. We just want find a server where we can progress, make friends, maybe even allies.

so if anyone knows of a server like this we would love to hear about it.

If this post is in the wrong section i apologize and feel free to move it where it should belong.

Have a wonderful day





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