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What a dumb event.

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Not beating a dead horse to repeat what others said. Instead I'll say that you really need to learn to check the rate boosts on whatever server you're on before you start complaining. Even with some level of imprinting boost it's not always going to be enough unless those are tweaked to a considerable detail to take into account growth rate on the server or just set to give you the ability to get full imprints across the board within moments of birth. Also keep in mind that if you prefer the former over the latter  (because lets be real, auto imprints are the fast track to boredom since there's no sense of accomplishment) that not everyone is going to want to sit down and go through the hassle of finding the one or two lines of code to change a value.

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3 hours ago, invincibleqc said:

I think he was originally referencing someone activating the "Baby Boon" effect on Genesis 2 by playing the missions.

I don't know about that but it is happening everywhere right now on official.
First they start the event with only harvest/xp/tame and after 45 minutes they do the rest but forgot the imprint.
New intern in charge of Evo or so?

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5 hours ago, Dinorancher said:

It's been evo event weekend and imprints have been fine on official for me. Been easy to hit imprints even with baby boon up too. 

Most creatures do not have issues with the interval. Only the Mesopithecus and Onyc are normaly getting 3 imprints but now only 1 and therefor on risk missing 1/3rd imprint unless the first is 100%.

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