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pvp NEW Ark's Evolved PvP (PS4)


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Ark'sEvolved PS4

NEW PvP server ready to be populated! All build locations currently available!

Just search: ArksEvolved (TheIsland)

Come check out our website at:



If you are interested in hosting a DLC map as part of the cluster, contact me at:



See You On The Ark!


- Boosted Mating Times (Rex's fully mature in 10 hours 15 minutes)
- Simplified Boss Requirements (Bosses only require Artifacts, no Dino trophies)
- Added Griffin to Dead Island
- Added Bulbdog & Glowtail to Lower South Cave
- 45 minute Day and 15 minute Night
- x2 spoil timer
- Wild dino max level: 200
- Auto unlock engrams while leveling except Tek
- Structure collision off
- Custom recipes on (x3 effectiveness)
- Non-permanent Diseases
- Flyer speed leveling on
- x5 Supply crate/Fishing quality
- x2 platform saddle structure limit
- Offline raid protection on
- Structure pickup 90 seconds
- x4 taming speed
- x3 experience
- x4 crop growth speed
- Player location on map
- x5 harvesting rates
- 150 tamed Dino levels
- Boss rewards bonus Element
- Red drops have Chibis
- x10 stack sizes
- x2 Player and Dino stats (x5 weight)

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