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How Far can you go with ARK in terms of content

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I think i've gotten over the top with ark

So inspired by neketus i want to make my own ark map in the future and ive spent the last six months planning out content but i think i've gone too far

33 inspired creatures

over 100 new items Half of them being TEK

a bunch of cosmetic items 

9 explorer not characters

and a personalized DLC with more items (Also i know a dlc with in a dlc)

Have i gone too far?





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13 hours ago, Kaprosuchus said:

yeah if you have the capability to do what you set out to do then do so, if you are asking if you bit off more than you can choose? that's amazingly ambitious honestly. i'd enlist a little help if you want it out in any decent amount of time.

Thank you....i appreciate your encouragement


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