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Add a creature that help on passive taming



 A creature like a bird or a bird like dinossaur, based on those colourful birds who employ dances to attract a partner. This creature could be set to make his dance, attracking creatures who are tamed passively and are on the radius of effect of his ability. Then the creatures will just stand nearby him, watching him while you can easily feed them, pet them and alike. It may be usefull, specialy on creatures like hyanodon, sinomacrops, diplodocus and alike. For example, when the diplodocus is under the effect of the dance, he just stand there watching and doesn't knock you out playing, the hyaenodon will not flee, or lose taming effectiveness if you get too much close or touch him, the sinomacrops will not fly alway, get scared by jumping and running and so on...

 Or maybe the taming of the creatures you want to tame with him could just increase gradualy while they are watching without you having to do anything (Like feeding or peting). Something that could work like a wild creature being charmed by the dance and eventualy getting closer to your team and ending up joing you. (In this second way, working on creatures with curious as is temperament too, like compy and ichthyossaurus.)

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Being more specific
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