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Community Crunch 306: EVO Event, Hexagon Exchange Upgrades, and More!


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Reading the comments, with events tho, I had a private server of Ragnarok Online once, and I would make them auto-activate... just set a routine from a day to another day, so that would work fine without me worrying... but with everything available, the only thing we would miss is colors and chibis (which I think they will turn available after some events too).

Now, I had this idea that I would love and would help a lot. You know how you have shiny pokemon? How they have a different color and like 1% of chance of appearing? Well, what if every spawn have a chance of having a different color dino? pretty much like events, but with a much lower rate and working 365 days. That would give people a reason to get out from their bases and look around. Or even work hard on spawns to get the colors they need. Or even be surprised when they are walking around and get like "oh damn look at that, amazing, I need that". That would be a nice implement to the game, and give a lot of nice sensations to players.

I think that would add a really nice touch to Ark and help to keep players motivated until Ark2 comes...

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