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pvp The Crossroads Roleplay [PC/Steam]


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Gamemode: RP-PvP

Server Features:

Progressive Storyline

Player and Story-Based Events

Side Quests

Starter Mounts

Economy System


Server Rates:

XP Multiplier – 4x

Mating Multiplier – 3x

Taming Multiplier – 8x

Harvesting Multiplier – 3x

Max Creature Levels – 250 [270 for shiny levels]



The story takes place on an island that has been recently discovered by travelers seeking a new a beginning. Those that witnessed it emerged from the fogs of the Clouded Seas call it the Island of the Lost, or ‘Lost Island’. Over time the quiet island was met not only with an unseen threat on the island, bringing before mutated beasts and giants to capture and mutilate all life.  The untimely arrival of a human vessel and its advanced technologies plummet to the warring lands, bringing advanced technologies to help protect the island and counter their relentless opponents.



The Crossroads is an 18+ Roleplay whitelist story-oriented server. With the theme set as modern-fantasy/supernatural. This community serves to be an area to intergrade characters from other homes and rekindle past storylines. With as little limitations as possible, we hope to provide a stress-free environment for character and story growth.


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/KRW8N7GZNp

Website Link: https://thecrossroads.arkers.io/

Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2742383650


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