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[PVP ORP] 🍺 Trailer Park Boys 🚬 5x. Julian, Ricky and Bubbles as admins.

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Fresh Server as of Feb 5th.

Have a life? Work and family? Can't spend hours upon hours on Ark a day? You've come to the right place. With ORP and weekend purges you get all the best parts of ark with a lot less hassle. 

Welcome to the friggin' pArk. The gang is all here. Owner Julian along with his crew of admins: Ricky, Bubbles, Sarah, Conky, Colonel Leslie and Steve French are all here and ready to keep Sunnyvale Trailer pArk running smoothly. Amazing community with active admins. This is a long running server that is now into Season 3. All maps except for SE. 

- 5x Harvesting/Taming
- 30x Maturation
- 50x Egg hatch
- 2x Turret Damage
- 200 Turret Cap
- 2x Player and Dino Stats
- 20x Weight on Players and Dinos
- 5x Crafting
- 3x Structure limit (no boxed dinos)
- Swamp Aids Enabled
- 1/2 Price ARBs
- Slight Reduction on Resources to make turrets
- Transferrable element with compasses
- BBS currency
      - gained through boss fights, alpha dinos, and admin events
- Official style drops EXCEPT
     - White drops = Starters
     - Green drops = Consumables
- Stack mod 1k on most items
    - ARBs stack to 200
- One Artifact cave per tribe
     - 2 bases per map
- 6 man tribe limit- no alliances
- ORP after 30 minutes
- Purge every weekend
- 10 day white flag
     - all tribe members MUST be registered before claiming white flag
- All admin shop dinos will be breedable BUT only spawned at level 135 + taming efficiency 

Discord: https://discord.gg/aX5R2D54MT

Check out our facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1000661887007004/?ref=share


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