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pvp EliteArk 5man WIPED!! 3 Regions EU, NA, OCE ALL LINKED and TRANSFERABLE


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Join us on EliteArk: The #1 Unofficial Server! 7 years running with a flawless record!





Are you tired of Servers that are all the same? Replica after Replica of official small tribe servers?
Tired of Servers that are only one region like European?
We invite you to try Elite Ark! The only unofficial server with 3 regions cross transferrable with each other!
Yes, you heard that right, the only server where you can go from North American servers, to European and then to Oceanic and back again. Transferring every Dinosaur or Item.
Have your home base where you live for perfect low pings, then decide to raid those across the ocean 1000s of miles away!
Not only are our servers state of the art, but our discord community is second to none. The MOST active discord community in ALL of Ark.
We have a one of a kind discord coin system, where by being active on discord you can earn coins to buy new roles, buy lootboxes in game, plus tons more! Our discord is always active! Players are chatting in general, or trying their luck in our discord casino.
Our admin team and discord staff is #1 in all of Ark. Enforcing rules to ensure an equal and fun playing environment, as well as providing everyday support to players in need of help.
Wheter you are a hardcore pvper or a dedicated breeder, EliteArk has a place for you.




5man Steam & Trios Steam
- 25x Taming
- 20x Breeding
- 5x Experience
- 150 Max Wild Dinos
- NO Alliances
- Mods: Super Structures (including Nanny), Soul Mod, Solo Farm, Awesome Spyglass, Bitou2k's Binocular and more
- Mods BALANCED for PVP and raiding
- BUFFED LOOT especially Extinction OSDs and from Genesis Missions
- Quests: Earn points AND element in-game FAST! Unique questing system!
- New Questboxes added
- Points Shop: with Dinos, Resources and Lootcrates
- 72 hours AUTOMATIC PVE for new players
- Offline Raid Protection that progressively buffs your turret damage and structure resistance when offline
- Disabled dinos: Titanosaur, Bronto, non-tek parasaurs
- Tamable Titans (Extinction only)
- EARealm marketplace for player to player trading + Discord Bots. https://earealm.com/
- Admin Bounties
- Fun Events!
- TONS more!

Seasons typically last 2 to 4 months.  7M maps wipe throughout the season to allow players the chance to claim those popular base locations.

Admins do NOT play on any of the EliteArk Servers.

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