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Ark Official Pvp Small Tribes



Ark official Small Tribes is dying, less and less people are enticed to play. The dino's now are at such an extreme level of mutation they completely take over the game. The are only a small cluster of massive tribes that control small tribes, making it difficult to start up or play at a casual level. On the pvp side of ark, casual players will always be at a disadvantage but a fresh wipe would make it where they still would be able to compete more then they do in the current state of the game. There might be a few people upset or against the idea of a wipe and fresh start of Official Small tribes, but the overall majority of Ark PVPERs, as well as youtubers that support and broadcast your game are desperate with something new. New maps only hold attention for so long, if you want longevity of this game. A wipe would be in your best interest. Or an alternate idea, make the small tribes we have now legacy servers. Then come out with another small tribes cluster not transferable from the server we have now, on the classic or conquest servers. So you aren't buying or using any servers you don't already have. There would be a enormous amount of players returning to play this great game we all love. If this is read, or acknowledged I would love a discussion or even a response from a Ark Dev team member explaining their plans for this game, or why they agree/disagree with this post. 

Thank you.

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