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I am unsure if the developers read these forums or not.  But I would note that on the google play app multiple people are rating the game as a 1 star because of the inability to log on since android updated their system.  I am one of these people as well.  I have put this under bugs but wanted to make sure this gets visibility.  Please review the issue and any feedback would be appreciated.


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On 6/16/2022 at 7:00 PM, VirgilKane said:

Same issue here, I bought a new phone this year, samsung s22 ultra, however on my new phone it force closes as soon as you hit the ark app. Very frustrating. 

Bro same, I got just the basic s22, and it does the exact same thing. Tried all the fixes, nothing workss.

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I have had this game installed on my android phone twice since january but now it will not let me install it again. it tells me not enough storage even though i have over 4 or 5 GB of storage available. however, recently ive noticed it says the game installation now requires at least 3 GB of RAM, although this was never a problem for me before and my phone has a max capacity of 2 GB but only has maybe 1.2 GB of RAM or less available. Thus was never a problem before up until recently. I dint understand why this is a problem now all of a sudden but it is VERY FRUSTRATING. 

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