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How to dowload old version ark survival evolved.

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Officially (on Steam) It is not possible. And any way (on steam) as soon as you boot the steam interface it will "update".

There are tricks and things with various steam emulators (mostly from some fairly dodgy russian sites) that will get around that  - but to FIND the old version to download and run is a challenge. If you on the steam version I have kept some "snapshots" of the install over time - and may be able to help you with a historical version (depending on what you looking for - my stuff is very erratic, and by no means exhaustive). But I ain't gonna give "tips" on getting around the steam update as soon as you launch the game - I may get arrested :)

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Going in a similar direction as the others, its such a challenge that I rather just mod things out. Often I mention the "pests" group, critters that steal, cause interrupt, dismount, etc... I remove them depending on the map and mood. Then I make them come back when I miss them, lol. 

Old "The Island" map can be found via mods, though I prefer the current layout more than the original, so I never went after it. Can't speak of experience nor if its still available.

You can also remove tech tiers and/or engrams, things like that. I think Ark gives so much freedom in that regard that it helps not only extend its life cycle, but gives each player the power to play in a preferred way. 

A friend once asked me if I could provide a list of only the original creatures released in the first week of Ark, after struggling for a while I did find a list and he customized his server to exclude everything else, for example. Not my cup of tea as the more dinosaurs I have the better. Bugs are not dinos, mammals are not dinos, etc...

I am not an expert modder, just did a few things here and there now and then. I do wish I could play 100% vanilla, but after removing certain animals (because they are not dinosaurs or mythical), I just went deeper and deeper into modding, lol. Modding is a thing that once you start, you can't stop as there are so many "perceived fixes" you can do that give a better experience to you personaly.

I would encourage you to try that route, it does take work however to "restore" an "original" ark, though, and with patch fixes, boss battles adjustments and all, you may never really have that original experience anymore.

Now I kinda wish I kept the original creature list avaiable to the person that asks for it... XD It could have setup the groundwork for you, even if partially.

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