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Community Crunch 299: Holiday Loot Winners, Community Corner, and More!

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40 minutes ago, slejo said:

Oh maan..

You seem to lose yourself a bit in reality. Ark is a video game, not a full time hard job. It is supposed to be an adventure, it is supposed to bring pleasure and relaxation while at the same time thinking, solving problems of economy or developing agility and dexterity. What you think is the essence of the Ark is quite the opposite of what I believe. Its about the community!

If you show me unofficial cluster with stable community, with so many people connected as official one, i will be happy to play unofficial. Its community attracts me to official cluster, not your full time grindy job.

But our talk is a waste of time. Titan! To work!

Not all games are easy. Not all games are going to be a relaxing walk in the park. Look at the soulsborne series, look at the original monster hunter, look at the less forgiving maps in Ark. Is it a job? Lol, god no. But it's not meant to be a cake walk. And ah yes, the community. The community of pillar spamming beach bob hunting savages that like to block off vital resources and obelisks and seem to adore trying to make it nigh impossible to play.  The community on official is as much as cesspit on official as it is unofficial and it's the rare or dedicated server that avoids that. In addition to playing official I run an unofficial cluster that's been up for years and while a majority of the community I've built is quite pleasant to be around and have been with my cluster for most of those years there will always be those that try to bring the worst aspects of the game into an otherwise peaceful society. With those sorts though I have the luxury of being able to either course correct the bad actors or boot them if they refuse to play ball and act like decent people. As for the matter of time wasting I've got nothing but time to waste, there's a blizzard outside of my home snowing everyone in.

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