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pvp [EU] Jurassic Island [No Tame] New PVP Server - The Island

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Hi, I have started up a new server with a friend to give Ark a new lease on life for us and figured if we are interested in this so are others.

We have initially set up as just The Island map but with enough interest could set up other maps.

As the title suggests the server is called Jurassic Island and we have disabled taming completely. Egg hatching and raising has been made virtually impossible as the whole point is to have no tames at all on the server.

We have made a few minor alterations to the defaut settings for a server the main ones are:

No Tames
No Beacons

Our standard rates are:
XP-Value - 2x
Harvest-Value - 4x

Adjusted player stats
Weight - 50 per level
Speed - 0.5 per level

Max dino level 100 (120 for Tek Creatures)

Alpha Monkey, Spider and Dragon World Boss Spawns.

Any questions please ask and I will reply as soon as I can.


I have also set up a discord but it is very early stages right now.


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