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pvp **NEW** 💥EpicPvP💥 6 MAN /💥PVP💥BALANCED STATS💥5X Harvest💥20x Tamming💥

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Fight your way to become the Alpha Tribe!

Join the Server By searching EpicPVP in the PC session filter on Xbox!

 Or add R4yyW4LSH on Xbox to get a fast add into the server!

Actually, have to grind for End game




MAPS: Lost Island

Once we grew we can add more.


Cluster Rates: —20x Exp.multiplier —10x harvest — Instant Taming — Infinite Structure Pickup —Infinite Fuel

Player Stats: (Per Level) Health: +10 Stamina: +60 Oxygen: +800 Food: +100k Water: +100k Weight: +10k Melee Damage: +10 Movement Speed: +4.5 Crafting Skill: +10 Fortitude: +15

Dino Stats: (Per Level) Health: 0.3x Stamina: 2.7x Oxygen: 1.0x Weight: 5,000x Melee: 0.13x Speed: 1.2x 

Imprint Frequency: — 20x (Giga takes 5.2hr with 6 imprints) (Wyvern takes 2hr with 3 imprints) (Pteranodon takes 50m with 1 imprint) Mating Frequency: every 1h 


PVP Community 24/7

Please join our discord for more info


Website: EpicPvP.ca




Rules:  You can view all of our server rules at our website EpicNetwork.ca
All Server Stats: 10x Harvesting,  10xXP,  20x Taming,  Player Stat Boost,  Weight Boost,  Dino Stat Boost.


See you on the battlefield.
**NEW** 24/7 JOIN NOW

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  • R4yyW4LSHH changed the title to **NEW** 💥EpicPvP💥 6 MAN /💥PVP💥BALANCED STATS💥5X Harvest💥20x Tamming💥

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