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pvp The Greatest ARK Server has Returned

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Are you trying to find an awesome server to play on, but can't seem to find any good ones because the noobs have taken over the community? 

Well look no further I have just started my server up and it's for the people that want a little challenge to the game, but also have a life.

The server is on the Island map, there are custom drops and you will be able to unlock everything with ascension. All island engrams have to be unlocked the regular way, but engrams from other maps will unlock as you reach the level required

Once you reach lvl 105 then you will get enough engram points to learn everything, until then choose carefully.


NOT ON THIS SERVER-----------------------------------------

▪No insta tames.

▪No insta max level.

▪will not recieved tek on day one unless you work for it.

▪No starter packs, the settings are set easy enough.

▪No admins on the server.


ON THIS SERVER--------------------------------------------------

▪30x taming and mature rate.

▪Food and water drain are a thing, but drain is low.

▪5x Exp.

▪10x stack.

▪10x harvest.


The server name is

The Forgotten Legend (5XP-10H-30T-30M)

There are only 32 slots, but I will add more as needed.


If you have any questions about the server, please feel free to ask 

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I've been adding in some of the Dinos from other maps as well as adding more stuff into the drops.

there are still slots left on the server that need to be filled so that I feel comfortable adding in a second server. I would like for this to get popular enough to have a server on every map, but I know that's unrealistic. 

there is a discord for the server that I'm trying to get fully set up with bots and stuff, just not really sure what I'm doing. so it's going to take a little time.

if you have any questions about the server, please feel free to message me either on here, Xbox or even discord.

my GT is FurryChipmunk23

the discord invite is - https://discord.gg/SCvVmjCZD7

FYI - I will not join a party or voice on discord. I like having everything written out so that it's easier to remember or I can go back to if need be. 

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Helllo Survivors

The server is growing a little every few days, but I would like it to grow faster.

ORP is on so you don't have to worry about losing your stuff when you get offline, if you are going to get raided it will be when you are online and after you have built up a good bit. unless you start something first, then I can't protect you.

If you get on the server and decide that you do not like it, please let me know what you do not like about it via Xbox, Discord or DM on here. and I'll see what I can do to either fix the problem or at the least alter a few things. I appreciate all kinds of feedback whether good or bad, as long as you are not rude about it.

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