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Wildcard DEVs should reimburse lost tames to anti-mesh



Wildcard should be held responsible for players lost tames due to anti-mesh. They have the power to fix the bug in the first place. If you aren’t going to fix the issue the bare minimum compensation to the loyal player should be a reimbursed tame/kit.. I play on HC and recently lost 2 kits to the Ragnarok Ice queen cave ending waterfall. You go to leave and end up losing everything you worked for. This issue is 2 years old by this point and is well noted on discussion boards abroad. I lost 2 gigas, 2 manas, 2 thylos and several high level flak/fur armor pieces thanks to this dreaded waterfall that you NEED to complete in order to fight a boss.  Adding insult to injury Hardcore players then need to grind excessively to get their player back to the original level we were at. 

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I agree wc should be held more accountable for their mistakes.  Iv never had a game with such harsh gamebreaking bugs.  The closest was divinity 2 back on 360.  If you overwrite saves they mesh and youd get an f'd up hybrid of the 2 when loading it.  Theres are far worse though than divinity 2s.  That said, if its well known why dont you avoid it?  Its not like you cant get the loot on other maps.  Even the boss fight rewards "unique" to Rag can be obtained on extinction, and in better quality...Maybe more easily too.  I know you shouldnt have to do that, wc should fix their BS, but theres an option for you provided you have extinction.  Granted having to pay for a work around is BS...So i hope u get heard

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