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Any planned content that is being worked on (Not copypasted dungeons)

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We know that they are not planning any more creatures.


Ark mobile can crash a lot of devices meaning adding more to the base game would further that issue. However Grove Street Games has added a new costume slot so if they plan new content it will probably be based around that. Making a big costume update/release to coincide with the new ark series release makes the most sense. The costume update could then just be cosmetic or actually provide perks depending upon the equipped costume. e.g (food healing like the argy, armor boost like the collars, night vision like the goggles, light like the survivors Graft: Ultimacy)

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Thanks for actually replying, and I see your point and mostly agree with it. The thing is, any new content would be good, it could be like the spring update with supply drops existing in single player, a skin drop like you suggested, or even just some bug fixes. Anything could be new content (aside from the recycled mazes and constant blitz weeks that just use past assets and delete old ones). I should have also rewrote my question, as it seemed that I was talking about new content specifically, and not just quality of life things (EX: adding some dungeon only dinos onto the actual map like megatherium and troodon but not jerboas and other dinos from other maps).
I hope that an actual update drops. And I also hope that some of the newer TLC's get added like the stego TLC, or at least just import the new models, make a few new animations for said model, and change the hitbox for the appropriate TLC. 

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