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Just thought that you guys would so new crystal variants that I thought would something kinda cool to see on crystal isles 

Crystal Raptors

Crystal Tyrannosaurs

Crystal Rock Drakes

Crystal Golems a.k.a. Crystal Elementals

Crystal Baryonyx

Crystal Pulmonoscorpius

Crystal Araneo

Crystal Megalodon

Crystal Basilosaurus

Crystal Parasaurolophus

Crystal Iguanadon

Crystal Stegosaurus

Crystal Triceratops

Crystal Pachycephalosaurus

Crystal Mesopithecus

Crystal S.Tiger

Crystal Ravager

Crystal Thylacoleo

Crystal D.Wolf

Forest Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Emerald Wyvern

Ocean Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Sapphire Wyvern

Sky Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Diamond Wyvern

Snow Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. amethyst Wyvern

Swamp Crystal Wyvern a.k.a. Ruby Wyvern 

Crystal Giganotosaurus

Crystal Megalosaurus

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I dont forsee anymore crystal variants coming to the game as neat as this sounds. Mainly due to the way mod maps tend to be. 


More importantly, I'm a little tired personally of wyvern variants. They're overused, especially when theres just as many other flyers as there are wyvern variants, which personally seems problematic when 50% of fliers are wyverns. Not to be a downer regarding this idea I'm just giving my own thoughts. I do like the idea of crystal variants of more... underappreciated tames such as golems, brontos, griffins, stegos etc.

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