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Is anything being done to combat hackers? I actually quit (played since ARK Mobile came out) two months ago because the game is completely broken in its current state. Kamz25 (the biggest unofficial server) admins announced yesterday that admins will no longer enforce rules to ban hackers due to how many there are. They essentially said “they’re just a part of the game now and there’s nothing we can do”. Do you all realize how pathetic and sad this is? I already know for a fact official staff doesn’t enforce bans because I put in several reports with video evidence that happened on official servers and they were ignored. HOLLY, one of the biggest ARK Mobile YouTubers, announced that they quit as well due to the hackers and how broken the game is. What measures are being taken to fight off hackers? I’ve seen zero effort put in by staff, and the player base continues to grow smaller and smaller because of this. It’s clear staff is incredibly disorganized, inefficient, and overwhelmed. Personally, I have never had worse customer service experience pertaining to any mobile video game, and I’ve interacted with developer teams much smaller than this game’s.  The hacking needs to stop, it’s a basic component of any game to get rid of cheating players.  This should be top priority,  not putting in a new dungeon every week. You’re not going to have any players to play in the dungeons when they’ve all quit. 

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