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Genesis 2 Final Mission Questions


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My clan and I run our own, private, dedicated ARK server and I've got some questions about the final mission and requirements. 

None of us are interested in doing the missions. They were poorly designed, incredibly buggy, and generally terrible on G1. The same is holding true for G2 missions. On G1, I was able to simply force complete the missions myself as the server admin and start the final boss encounter for the tribe. On G2, WildCard apparently is insisting on inflicting these missions on ALL players by needlessly requiring everyone to complete missions just to participate in the G2 boss fight. I'm looking for a creative workaround to this.  I'm able to force complete all the missions in a single command, but I can't do it for other players without granting everyone else admin access to the server as well. For obvious reasons, I'd rather not have to go that route if it can be avoided.

So my questions are as follows:

  1. What is the maximum number of players allowed into the G2 boss fight? I've read some places it's 5, other places I've read it's 10, like The Island, etc..
  2. What is the maximum number of dinos allowed into the G2 boss fight?
  3. I'm aware of the command DebugAllowvrMissionTeleport. Does this command work on G2? If so, will it work for everyone standing on the Terminus pad or just the player that initiates it?
  4. Is it know what difficulty level the command DebugAllowvrMissionTeleport starts the encounter for if it does work? For example, is it Gamma Rockwell Prime, or is it straight to Alpha?
  5. If the above command doesn't work, can I just initiate the commands, port myself and all the dinos into the arena, then force teleport my tribe members into the arena?



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