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Console Crashing and Textures


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(PS4 single player) First off let's talk about the textures....or lack there of. Before it was a sometimes thing, if you turn too quickly dinos and structures would look like playdough. On lost island it's all the time. Also there's an issue with certain dinos and the ground. They jitter in place and sometimes sink into the ground.

For the 4th-5th day in a row my game crashed mid air, I think it's the autosave... maybe ūü§Ē? Super frustrating because, like today... just now. I had finished taming a high level rex and on the way back the game crashed. The save it chose was before I even left my base, loosing quite a bit of time. Please look into this.

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If textures are not loading, restart the game. Since last update it is realy becomming an issue and initialy I thought it was due to server overload.
I went back to single player, hoping it was better there... It was bad! After a full system restart it was ok~ish. Sort of.

Crashes happen a lot, latest version is less stable. If you accomplished something you realy want to secure, force a save by exiting the game.

Dammit, I sound like a windows '95 era helpdesk: "Turn it off and on untill it works". Welcome to 2021 ;)

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Can double down on this, seems there is one particular bush in the winter biome. The out of render distance texture seems to be a yellow box. Its very off. Iv had allmost every single orbital spawn fall through the map and into boulders out of reach, includeing the santa claus presents.  Iv had creatures that Im tameing fall through the map and sometimes just disapear entirely, and right now the only method of tameing my first ever magmasaur is to keep a daedon stuffed full of meat with a snow owl on standby in case it runs out of food.

As for performance, random crashing is normal, detailed graphics are turned off anyhow for performance, and I had my xbox itself shut down yesterday warning me of an overheating issue. Its never done that before.

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8 hours ago, MMaas said:

Yea... That issue is not solved by restarting. I started the event on single player and ran in to that issue a lot, never had that before.

sadly its "very" common on single player. x.x Even on the very first map, the island, there is an orbital supply drop all to the north that sometimes slips just an itty bitty bit into the ground. And you cannot get it. x.x


8 hours ago, MMaas said:

And now my inner troll got triggered:
This issue is simple to avoid, replace it by a PS5 (Bring it on PC master race, I just declared myself fair game :P )

Normally I wouldn't accept the smack, however I know whats going on. First off xbox did a slop job on the thermal compound on the one units. Original one and x units that was tore down by big tech guru's like gamer nexus, jayztwocents, and {I think?} linus tech tips all came to the same conclusion. The thermal putty was inferior to good paste, and it was so dry and cakey that it was highly recommended to redo the paste as soon as you get the unit. Sadly I did not, however I knew I was going to have to do a tear down on it anyhow. We got a thing with dust bunnies and was hopeing to do a tear down on it later. Later lasted just long enough for the next gen console to pop out, and now I was hoping to get it done after I bought the series x.......but supply, microchip shortage, and getting sidelined with some unexpected bills......yeeeeah....

Still, I haven't had an overheating issue till yesterday while on lost island.

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PC Official here & having similar issues about textures not clearing up (gate doors look like twisted corn husks for nearly 45 seconds sometimes) , dinos taking around 30+ seconds to stop looking like origami gone wrong, name plates blinking off & on like a 3 yearold that can reach the light switches - all while I stand still. Movement is as if I'm walking through molasses & all the surrounding scenery "jerks/slogs" as I pass it.
It started Tuesday evening (US).
I've already tried various suggestions to no avail. I have also uninstalled the game (rip maps and map pins), rebooted, then reinstalled. Verified files. Rebooted. 
No improvement. No change. Mostly just LI acting this way.
I've noticed a little more than usual mired-down-movement on other maps. But none compare to the issues on LI.
But yet, my son & husband have none of these issues on their computers with their toons. *frustrated*

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Hello all,

Didnt find the bug report section for playstation, so i really just want to know,

How can you guys play this game on PS5 with all the framedrops that started happening after the 2.51 patch many months ago, 

I mean i cant even play in aberration in caves, it seems when Vsync "On" with caves makes ur game unplayable,so you either disable vsync and play with the horrible screen tearing or leave it enabled and play with fps drop from 52 to 10 anytime you look a certain way or direction where a cave system is located....evzn the dust effects drom thz griffon when near ground slow dramaticcaly the game, same for the drop creates effect (lights), once near them u get like 15 fps... and its general in all maps...i had to relocate my base because of this, cause i couldnt play ithout fps drop to 0 everyime i turn my camera towards a certain way...all that time spent building and gathering etc...gone.

So i guess lot of ppl are still playing in on ps4 hence the weird silence from the community on such problem breaking the core experience ....

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Same Here...

PS4 SP . My buildings and dinos Textures are broken. They turn in to origami things every few seconds . That's only happen for me in lost Island .

Game Crush whenever I enter wyvern trench or spend some time in lava biome.

I hope they fix it :(

I'm not playing lost island until they fix this bug.

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