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How do I use 100 levels efficiently?


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I'm a newbie and I've joined a new 100 lvl free ark mobile server and I want to know how to use 100 levels efficiently. I normally add (might not be 100 levels, but yeah its like this.): 200 on weight, 100 on health, 100 on stamina, 100 on oxygen,  100 on food, 100 on water, 50 on melee, 50 on speed and the rest on fortitude and crafting speed. Is this good or does it need to be changed? (probably bad)

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Your stats are a reflection of your play style. From your build it looks like you live in a cold area by the water where your stuff gets damaged often. If it works for you use it. If you would prefer to specialize your best stats will change based on that specialization. Pve, pvx, pvxc, pvp will also play a role.

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3 years experience in PVP:


200 melee

300 weight

300 health

178 speed

30 fort

2 levels in all other stats

remaining levels allocate how you wish, some compromise fort for more speed but even the best players can get knocked out so I prioritize fort because 30 fort is enough to not get one shot with a club by most players.

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