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Lambeosaurus(Large ornithopoda dinosaurs)



I suggest adding this creature to ARK.
(I can't post a topic that suggests living things to me right now, so I decided to do it here.)

A large ornithopoda dinosaur that inhabited the North American continent in the late Cretaceous of the Mesozoic era (about 77 to 75 million years ago). Like other Lambeosaurinae, it had a unique bone protrusion on the crown.
In the case of Lambeosaurus, the bony processes are similar to Corythosaurus but slightly smaller and lean forward.
In addition, one rod of dense bone protrudes toward the rear of the head, making it easily distinguishable from Corythosaurus.


In the game

It will appear in the new DLC free map.
If the DLC's free map were implemented, it will probably appear in vast grasslands or forests.
In ARK, this dinosaur is the same size as a Tyrannosaurus.
However, despite its size, it becomes a very friendly dinosaur and will escape as soon as it is attacked.


Like other herbivorous dinosaurs, it's a stunning coma tame.
Vegetables such as carrots, berries, and Kibble (Sarco Egg) are the main foods.
In particular, Kibble (Sarco Egg) has the highest tame rate.
However, the speed of recovery from coma is so fast that many anesthetics are needed.
And you also need to be careful not to be attacked by other carnivores.

After tame

By attaching a saddle, you will be able to ride.
And while you can collect wood and straw, it cuts the weight of wood and straw by as much as 75%.
You can also use the same sensing features as Parasaur, but the range is twice that of Parasaur.
In addition, it has good vision, so you can easily see where the enemy is.
And interestingly, this dinosaur consumes a lot of stamina, but can move on two legs.
The speed when walking on two legs is 1.5 times the normal speed, and the attack power is also 1.5 times the normal speed.
In addition, the saddle is a two-seater and is equipped with a cannon, so you can shoot the cannon while riding.

If you have any other good ideas, please let us know in the comments.
Thank you for taking a look at my idea.

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