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I just thought since you guys like to give new patterns to some of creatures that have been ark for a while so I'm suggesting new patterns and/or variants 

Raptors Tiger-stripe pattern 

Raptors : spotted pattern

Raptors : single-stripe pattern going down there back 

Raptors : jaguar-spotted pattern

Raptors : two-stripe pattern going down there back 

Raptors : zebra-stripe pattern

Carnotaurus : jaguar-spotted pattern

Carnotaurus : zebra-stripe pattern

Allosaurus : stripe pattern 

Allosaurus : leopard-spotted pattern

Tyrannosaurus : jaguar-spotted pattern 

Tyrannosaurus : tiger-stripe pattern

Spinosaurus : zebra-stripe pattern

Spinosaurus : cheetah-spotted pattern

S.tiger : caleco pattern 

S.tiger : tuxedo pattern

D.wolf : dalmatian-spotted pattern

D.bear : panda pattern

Thylacoleo : leopard-spotted pattern

Megalodon : calico pattern

Hyenadon : stripe pattern

Megalania : jaguar-spotted pattern

Mosasaur : giraff-spotted pattern

Megalosaurus : calico pattern

Megalosaurus : zebra-stripe pattern

Megalosaurus : leopard-spotted pattern 

Titanoboa : stripe pattern

Deinonychus : spotted pattern

Deinonychus : calico pattern

Pteranodon : calico pattern

Pteranodon : spotted pattern

Tropeognathus : cheetah-spotted pattern 

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Just thought that since you guys like to put different variations or the same dinos and creatures with different patterns so I figured you guys might like to have a few suggestions for new variations or new patterns for some of the creatures that you would like to put into ark or ark 2

Brontosaurus : spots cow pattern

Parasaurolophus : spots cow pattern

Equus : chestnut pattern

Equus : calico pattern

Iguanadon : stripes zebra pattern

Iguanadon : spots giraffe pattern

Gallimimus : spots polka pattern

Gallimimus : stripes bongo pattern

Megaloceros : spots deer pattern

Megaloceros : stripes bongo pattern

Woolly rhino : stripes

Woolly mammoth : stripes

Ovis : spots cow pattern 

Ovis : stripes zebra pattern

Diplocaulus : stripes

Diplocaulus : spots

Beelzebufo : spots leopard pattern

Beelzebufo : stripes

Stegosaurus : spots giraffe pattern 

Stegosaurus : stripes

Pachyrhinoceros : spots cow pattern 

Ankylosaurus : spots 

tapejara : spots jaguar pattern

compy : spots

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Just thought that since you guys like to put new variations of dinosaurs and creatures that have been in ark for awhile I thought maybe you guys (and ladies)  would like some new variation ideas 

Unicorn : black 

Unicorn : pink 

Unicorn light blue

Fire wyvern : stripes tiger pattern 

Fire wyvern : spots leopard pattern 

Lightning wyvern : spots cheetah pattern 

Lightning wyvern : stripes bongo pattern 

Poison wyvern : calico pattern 

Poison wyvern : spots polka pattern 

Ice wyvern : stripes zebra pattern 

Ice wyvern : spots jaguar pattern 

Basilisk : stripes coral 

Basilisk : spots desert Massasauga pattern 

Griffin : spotted owl pattern 

Griffin : calico pattern

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