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Machairodus(Large Sabertooth)



I suggest adding this creature to ARK.
(I can't post a topic that suggests living things to me right now, so I decided to do it here.)

Cenozoic Neogene A type of Sabertooth belonging to the carnivorous feline family that lived in Africa, Eurasia, and North America from the middle Miocene to the late Pliocene.
Some paleontologists claim to be the ancestors of Homotherium, which was widespread in Eurasia, Africa, and North America, 15 to 2 million years ago, long before the Sabertooth.
With a body length of 2.5m and a height of 1.2m, it is one of the largest Sabertooths, but its head size is almost the same as that of a lion (although its width is narrower than that of a lion).
It is presumed that the giant body and long fangs were used to tear and prey on the thick skin of large herbivores that coexisted with mammoths.


In the game

It will appear in the new DLC free map.
If the DLC's free map were implemented, it probably lives in either a very large savanna or a snowy mountain area.
It's also twice the size of the Sabertooth, making it even more dangerous than the Sabertooth.
It is usually neutral, but when the food value drops below half, it becomes ferocious and aggressively attacks nearby animals.
Of course, players, tyrannosaurus, spinosaurus, brontosaurus, etc. are also targeted.
However, Wyvern (or Crystal Wyvern), Giganotosaurus, Titanosaur, mechanical creatures (Enforcer, Defense Unit, Tek Stryder, etc.), TEK creatures, aquatic creatures (Ichthyosaurus, Megalodon, etc.), Rock Drake, Reaper, Magmasaurus, Megakeron, Managarmr, And death worms are out of scope and do not attack those creatures.


Like other carnivores, it is a stunned coma tame that feeds on meat.
Marbled meat, mutton, and meat are the main foods, but Kibble (Megalosaurus Egg) is especially effective in raising the tame.
And interestingly, it's similar to Daeodon, and if you wait for the food value to reach 0, the tame rate can be tripled.
In other words, if you deliberately get hungry and then feed, the tame rate will increase the most and it will be easier to tame.

After tame

By attaching a saddle, you can ride.
And, as I mentioned earlier, when the food value drops below half, it becomes ferocious and attacks even if it is nearby, regardless of whether it is another tamed creature or a wild creature.
And by violence, it is forcibly released from riding.
Therefore, it requires as much food (especially meat) as Daeodon.
However, while food consumption is more stable than Daeodon, it should be checked regularly to prevent it from becoming violent.
You can also jump and run fast.
And with regard to abilities, there are special abilities.
1. It is possible to make a restraint attack by the same jump as Utahraptor, and it is also possible to give a bleeding effect to that attack.
2. Like Direwolf, it has the ability to see the enemy's health gauge.
And when the enemy escapes, it also has the ability to see where the enemy is. (Almost similar to the tame list)
3. If you defeat an enemy and prey on it (eat the enemy's corpse), you have the ability to greatly recover your stamina.
This effect has a time limit of 3 minutes, but during this effect it will significantly reduce your stamina consumption.
When the stamina is full, the stamina is almost consumed.
4. By howling, it has the ability to intimidate surrounding creatures.
It works primarily on small and medium-sized creatures, but it's almost the same as debuffing enemies to scare them.

If you have any other good ideas, please let us know in the comments.
Thank you for taking a look at my idea.

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