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Tambatitanis(Japanese theropods)



A dinosaur or fossil of the Titanosaurus type, which was first discovered on August 7, 2006 in the Sasayama Group on the Sasayama River basin in the Kako River system, Yamanami Town, Tamba City, Hyogo Prefecture. , Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Nature and Human Activities announced that Tambatitanis was recognized as a new genus and new species, and its scientific name was changed to "Tamba Titanis Amikitiae".
It is a combination of the discovery site of Tamba, the Greek mythological giant Titanis, and the Latin Amikitiae, which means "friendship" between the two discoverers.


Some of the small fossils found in the Sasayama River by two men living in Tamba on August 7, 2006 belong to a group of sauropods that prospered during the Mesozoic Cretaceous, according to expert appraisals. There is a high possibility that it is a dinosaur of the Titanosaurus type, and it is highly likely that a skeleton close to the whole body will be excavated in a well-preserved state, and it is considered to be an extremely valuable material for clarifying this kind of phylogenetic evolution. , It was reported as big news, and the excavation work has now been completed.
There are two cases of early Cretaceous mammalian fossils found in Japan, Hakusan, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and Kitatani, Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture, but there are only 55 cases of early Cretaceous mammalian fossils found worldwide. , The lower Cretaceous of the Shinoyama Group has only 11 cases (details: 8 cases in England, 1 case each in Morocco, Mongolia, and Portugal).
For this reason, small vertebrate fossil communities are rare and contain mammalian fossils, and are therefore considered to be an important discovery.

In the game

It will appear on the free map of DLC with Japan as a motif.
Although it appears as a Japanese theropod, it will be characterized by being larger than Amargasaurus in ARK, but slightly smaller than Titanosaurus.
The length from the neck to the tail is considerably longer than Diplodocus.


It is mainly a coma tame that stuns.
The main foods are vegetables such as carrots, Kibble (Dimetrodon Egg), and berries.
However, the rate of recovery from coma is so fast that you will need a large amount of anesthetic.

After tame

By attaching a saddle, you can ride.
The speed is much slower than Diplodocus.
However, the trampling attack using the forefoot is very powerful, and Utahraptor can be defeated with a single blow by the trampling attack.
However, trampling attacks consume a lot of stamina and have a 1 minute cool time, so they cannot be used continuously.
And when attacking with the tail, it attacks like a whip and gives the enemy a bleeding effect.
At the same time, it also has a knockback effect, so it is possible to give a bleeding effect while knocking back the enemy.
What's more, this dinosaur has a special weapon that can emit a powerful laser, which can be equipped in combination with a saddle to attack from a long distance.
To put it simply, it's similar to Tropeognathus, where you can install turrets and boosters in your saddle.

There are many dinosaurs in Japan, so please adopt them!

If you have any other good ideas, please let us know in the comments.
Thank you for taking a look at my idea.

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