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pvp Deira's Kingdoms RP! A brand new RP server on lost island starting dec 19th

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Deira's Kingdoms RP is a high fantasy and magical server set in the new Lost Island map where mythical beasts roam the land and strong magic is wielded. 

We have removed most of the “Dinosaurs'' to make a more realistic and unique LOTR/DND type world. Don't worry though there are plenty of animals to tame with the Shads atlas imports and Crystal Isles dino mods!

Some awesome things our server offers:

- Two pre-built castles as a main focus for each kingdom.
- Map split in two sections one for each kingdom, this should bring some good conflict RP.
- Elemental magic that you can wield straight from the start!
- A mod that allows you to look like one of the amazing races we have available.
- A weekly quest system that gives people in each kingdom specific tasks to achieve for rewards.
- A neutral/wasteland zone that will have a weekly merchant who travels through selling wares and animals.
- Kingdom vs Kingdom quests to win rewards.

Just want to clarify that you do not have to join one big kingdom tribe, you can have your own tribe and just live in your kingdom's half of the map! We wouldnt force big tribes like some servers do.

Server rates and mod list:

XP  x3
Harvesting x4
Taming - Immersive taming so multiplier doesn't affect.
Maturation x10
Egg hatch speed (also gestation speed) 20.0
Mating multiplier (breeding cooldown time) 0.15

Mod list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2637609736

Our discord link is:  https://discord.gg/NDSgrHeayz

We are trying to offer a new take on Ark RP and we believe that we will achieve this with your help! We have been planning this for over two months already to make it an amazing server so come and join us and experience this highly magical fantasy world with us!

The Lost island map releases December 14th and we will launch sunday dec 19th!!

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