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An Update Concerning XBOX Lost Island Small Tribes Servers

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Due to a server configuration error, players were temporarily able to transfer items and dinosaurs to new transfer-restrictied Lost Island servers. Given the amount of time that has transpired and our goal to maintain the fresh server experience with the launch of the map, we will be shutting these servers down. In the interim, we have enabled complete transfers out of items/downloads/characters, so you are able to leave the server before it is shut down.

We have created new servers with the letter 'b' added to the end of their name. These servers have the correct configuration and will remain online. Feel free to move your characters and play on these servers.  You will have  15th of December at 12PM EST to move to a the servers and transfer your progress to your existing ones before the incorrectly configurated servers are brought down.  

Server Example


Old: WIPING_NA-PVP-XboxOfficial-LostIsland-SmallTribes246 (This server will be shut down on the 15th of December at 12 PM EST)
New: NA-PVP-XboxOfficial-LostIsland-SmallTribes246b (This server will remain online and later be renamed to remove the 'b')


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