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Lost Island Launch Details!


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The launch of Lost Island is right around the corner and we've put together a guidebook to help you prep for your safari!

Planned Launch Times

  • PC / EGS: 11AM PST
  • Consoles: 1PM PST
  • Stadia: Due to the size of the Lost Island patch and a back-end bug on Stadia related to patch size limits, The Lost Island update will not be included with the Winter Wonderland content tomorrow.  We're working with Stadia to resolve the issue.  Stay tuned to our official accounts for updates!

Estimated Patch Sizes

  • PC / EGS: ~30GB
  • XBOX: ~50GB
  • PS4: ~50GB

Transfer Restrictions

  • Character Upload/Download is enabled
  • Item/Dino Upload is enabled
  • Item/Dino Download is disabled  

For Steam Players

  • Please ensure to uninstall the Lost Island mod from the Steam Workshop prior to downloading Lost island (if you already  have it installed)

For Game Hosts

  • Map Name: LostIsland
  • Please ensure to wipe any servers that were previously hosting the Lost Island map as it has undergone significant changes that will impact the world.
  • Winter Wonderland:  You can manually activate the event with the server arg parameter: -ActiveEvent=WinterWonderland

As usual, we will be keeping you up-to-date with any changes to the proposed rollout times!

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