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Scorched Earth - Ragnarok - The Center maps need to be reworked.



Scorched Earth - Ragnarok - The Center maps need to be reworked.

Because after the extinction, genesis one, genesis two maps were released, the player count of the old maps decreased drastically. There are no activities that players can do on the old maps.

For example:
Extinction map has its own OSD and element vein system.
The Genone map has its own unique quest system and hexagon shop.
The Gentwo map has its own unique quest system and hexagon shop.

And these new maps are far superior to the old maps in terms of farming. For this reason, old maps should be rearranged. Extra content should be brought in order to replay old maps and compete with other maps.

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I think the terrain on certain parts of the older maps could use reworking to make them more viable for sure. But mostly in the cases of balancing cave strengths and land strengths for PVP.
Granted these maps don't have a lot of PVE content compared to the newer 3 official ones as well but most of my suggestion will be for PVP but maybe some of it can fit for PVE too? These are only suggestions though. Feel free to comment or critique them as you see fit.

SE has a lot of missing strength to it, which makes it VERY dead for PVP. The crouch at Church wasn't even the worst crouch in the game (looking at you aberration shadow cave...) and served to balance that cave against a meta that just melts caves with racer/stego sized entrances. Bring the grate crouch back to it. Also enhance a couple of the mountains to get wider or the mountains that dip down into areas with natural wall formations to extend higher into the air or even the pillar rocks that go very high in the sky to be wider for bases outside. The lore also mentions how much the ARK DOESN'T seem to want Civilization to progress, so maybe include the Mantis raids or a rare tactical wyvern spawn on bases to act as that Environmental attempt to delete the survivors. Challenge us to survive late game so that its not just early SE gameplay challenging us.

Center still feels semi-unfinished. Add a couple wider pillars for PVP purposes, and add additional entrances to Ice Cave and Pearl Cave. These two caves currently murder the game's PVP since Extinction released. Obviously, adding new tames HAS NOT fixed this. I believe it is time for a real map change because of that. I'm not saying add an entrance that makes the caves useless, but rather adds another approach to push from that may be slightly easier. For the PVE side of things, the Center is very Island-esq in terms of how you can apply the lore. I would recommend random world boss spawns that announce when they spawn, like the Dodorex during Halloween. Some form of creature that isn't already in the game but can chew through tough structures and has turret resistance in PVP but just is tough to kill in PVE like the corrupted but rather than being an element corrupted creature, instead be an ARK system creation to challenge the players. 

Island, I would recommend a similar case to Center in terms of PVE content. Add a creature that maybe can hypnotize wild dinos into following them instead of their normal ai when the creature is not present, including the Titanosaur, and charge at players who stray too close. Possibly remove any multipliers from the volcano and make the volcano a PVP base location again, instead of a 6x massacre.

Valguero is pretty decent, theres not a lot I would change about it but here are some suggestions anyways: Add Titanosaurs to the map, add random poison and lightning wyvern spawns to the map and have their eggs spawn in an area that isn't the trench. Like, maybe have poisons have egg spawns around the redwoods on certain high up plats, or Lightnings have egg spawns at the highest peaks of the borders of the map. This would further increase the difficulty of the world border, which sticks in line with the game lore, despite it being a mod map made official. Permanently add reaper queens to the valg underworld zone's radiation area OR bring drakes back in there to make it difficult down there. It's not like they are truly exclusive anymore since 1 shows on Gen2 as a variant and the other is now breedable. As far as fitting the map goes though, drakes is the better option. 

Aberration! Aberration lore wise had it's anti-civilization function damaged if i recall correctly. Maybe add a secondary earthquake that occurs every 5 earthquakes to knock out Tek power similar to the electrical storms from SE. Maybe force it to kick up a large spore cloud that does a dampened version of the spore effect of the area you're in and THAT's also why the Tek power is knocked out or something. I would also say maybe force a Reaper queen spawn near structures that has a horde of Kings and nameless behind it that maybe go away or are weakened if light is present. Add the ability to bring Brontos over though. You can bring massive f*ck-off turtles that are bigger anyways I thing it's totally fair and valid within the lore to allow brontos to be transferrable. Would also consider nerfing or adding an additional entrance to Shadow cave specifically. Glowtail or Depths cave is tough to push but honestly balanced enough compared to other caves. Shadow however suffers from the crouch being ridiculously broken and could use widening or an additional entrance to balance it out.

Those are the ideas I had. Ofc you could include similar things to Rag, CI, etc etc but as far as unique ideas go, I've given the ones I've thought about and would love to hear other peoples ideas on the matter.

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