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Limit building size



Set a damned limit on building size! Part of the EU PVP 1020 island is blocked off by a building so large that your flier has to take a rest just crossing it! It must be over 200 structures across and blocks off an entire river valley... and it’s EMPTY!!!!! Just check it out at around 70 lat 50 long. You really can’t miss it! Make the limit configurable if you want, but at least put a limit in.

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You would be surprised to know there is actually a structure cap in this game. Its 16500 structures within a 33 foundation or 66 wall radius at the given point of attempted placement. Granted this is not a limit on the number of snapped structures but rather a limit on the number of structures in an area.

That said, I actually do believe the game could benefit from a limit on the number of snapped structures. But it would need to be 3-4x larger than the "per area structure cap" since many bases are snapped together and dont harm the server like the intentional snapping spoken about next. A great example of tribes abusing the structure snapping are servers with either triangle foundation or fence foundation + railing spam in massive amounts. These servers ONLY spam the latter to create massive lag and server crashes because they lag the server HARSHLY when breaking them, forcing a server recalculation of structures snapped together everytime a break occurs.

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