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Fixing Liopleurodon Through TLC



I like a lot of people really REALLY want a TLC for the sea creatures of Ark and in my personal opinion I think that the new TLC creature should be Liopleurodon, in game it’s essentially a subpar loot booster which is a temporary and extremely rare tame. Most people including me never tame it because it’s kinda useless, it’s far too rare, it’s a very short temporary tame, it’s slow and weak, and it’s loot boosting abilities are meh at best. It’s best use is for hide and meat and even then it’s not worth batting an eye at, I have a comprehensive idea on how to fix this creature and make it a very good tame than many Ark players would regularly seek out to tame. I even have some sketch work on what it could look like with a TLC which I will post below along with a list of it’s abilities and changes, I hope you all enjoy.

     In the wild Liopleurodon will still be rare however much less rare than it’s current counterpart and even such creatures as Ovis, it is still a passive tame requiring raw meat and or kibble to tame. It is skittish when approached by tames but will be docile towards players. Once tamed it can be ridden either bare back or with a special saddle containing a mounted harpoon gun and a second seat, the harpoon gun can shoot both normal harpoons and tranq harpoons making it a good tamer for undersea dinos.

     It’s main abilities beyond the saddle are a depth buff that once descended deep enough will gain a higher damage resistance along with a faster healing rate, it’s like the opposite effect of the Basilosaurus minus the damage over time. High agility in the water being able to swim in any direction like a Tapejara making it easy to dodge some of the more powerful predators like Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs, it is also relatively fast being only slightly slower than a Megalodon. It also has the ability to snatch riders off of mounts when tamed and without a saddle, with a saddle it’s alt attack is a harpoon shot similar in function to the Tropeognathus’s flak cannon. It can also snatch smaller creatures such as the Ichthyosaur, Manta, or Baryonyx. It has modest health and a fairly powerful bite attack which is good for dispatching targets like Megalodon but generally not strong enough to kill dinos like Mosas and Tusos.

     It doesn’t just have a normal variant and will include a magical variant that acts very similarly to the base game Liopleurodon but greatly enhanced, it appears with a magical aura surrounding it and will feature a prominent Unicorn like horn distinguishing it form the base Liopleurodon. While it will be rarer and a temporary tame it will be speedy in the water and will boost all loot to Ascendent level,  It will also increase the rate of drops in a certain area allowing for the collection of more loot. After a certain amount of time it will disappear like the current Liopleurodon, the base TLC variant will be a permanent tame and will be breedable.



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