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Linux left in the cold yet again, no servers list after the event patch announcm

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Ive paid good money for this game. All dlc's on 3 steam accounts. You WC devs need to either support linux correctly or remove the linux compatible label. Heres a thought, dont roll out a patch until you support every platform. This happens to frequently to be a mistake. This whole not being able to join a server and losing uploads is not acceptable when its so easily avoided...

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I couldn't agree more, roll the server patches and ALL clients at the same time please, I am also on Linux and we are treated like second class citizens, even despite the missing textures, the fact that I acn't even go to the lunar biome in Gen 1 as it is just all white like a thick fog, I can see the labels of dinos and structures but nothing else jsut solid white and as of a "patch" a few months ago, my HLNA doesn't have the option to teleport between biomes, jsut the store and settings, I'm getting fed up with this nonsence.

WC if you don't have people on Linux to test stuff perhaps we can help, just so long as what gets broken can easilly be fixed

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