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This is a PVP suggestion, but I feel as though it could be something fun for PVE as well
Making Brontos more viable, and maybe Titanosaurs and MAYBE Diplos while we are at it.

I have a list of ideas that I think combined would make the Bronto moderately usable in PVP and honestly kinda fun in PVE. Would like thoughts on it, but more importantly would like the Devs to honest to goodness take these ideas into consideration for the game. Even with ARK 2 coming within the next couple years, this is still a game worth continuing to play imo.

- Remove the ability to bleed Brontos, AND Titanosaurs, allowing them to survive on the field for a period of time that isn't overly long but also not overly short. (I've witnessed brontos go from 100+k to 0 in 5 seconds in a raid. Changing this would assist with this, but so would one of the later suggestions in this list.)
- Rebuff Bronto Saddles to the past 100 armors they once held, same as racers. They were previously nerfed because Brontos soaked too much. Now they don't soak anything at all!
- Rebuff Bronto HP to sit MORE in-between a Racer and a Megachelon. A Diplo scales better than Racers, Stegos and Brontos which is kind of funny but disappointing for the under loved Bronto who scales fairly bad (Max Mutation HP w/ 88 levels is 371k) by comparison despite being almost as big as a Megachelon (601k Max Muta HP w/ 88 Lvls).
- Buff Titanosaur HP to sit around the same value as an Ext Titan (roughly 500k-700k) - Suffers from a similar issue Brontos have against 'Chelons, where a smaller creature scales BETTER than it does late game. 
- Buff Turret Damage against Brontos and Titanosaurs, ideally a multiplier of 1.5-2x damage and give the Titanosaurs the Mek damage multiplier they have against Ext Titans (I mean received from meks, although a multiplier given from Titano to the Ext Titans could be fun as well, although barely usable). This would hinder their ability to be abused to soak turrets pretty much completely, and balance the Titano specifically to be counterable the same way EXT Titans tend to be countered. This follows up in another suggestion in the list for why this should be included!
- Buff Bronto and Titanosaur Resistance to Damage from Dinosaurs, severely to turn them into Dino Tanks rather than bullet tanks. Soaking up the bites of a capped damage Giga or Rex and soaking up the spines of a Velonasaur would add new utility to these very old tames! 
- Add some sort of built in turret mount like on the Astrocetus (Space Whale) onto the Titanosaur saddle (Yes you could build some like the minigun or rocket turret, but adding some additional coverages on the sides with MUCH further range like the range on the Whale saddle could be way more fun for players I feel)
- Add Titanosaur to Extinction, Gen2, and Valguero and add the ability to Transfer them like Ext Titans (including download timers and multipliers, they're a raid dino that you can't feed just like the Ext titans, they deserve some love too!)
- Enable Brontos (and maybe even Titanos) on Aberration. We already get Megachelon on Aberration, why remove a smaller tame with less usability when allowing such a Turret Tank into the map? (Or why prevent Titanos while allowing even larger creatures such as Ice and Forest Titan onto Aberration?) I believe these should be added to encourage less cancer fobbing and more real fobbing for fun battles in the field.
- Buff Bronto base damage to 80-100 dmg instead of 60, a Megachelon is 125 and is underutilized and a tail slap from a monster like a Bronto should hit like a true truck. This would also balance it against the Rex and Giga with their own huge HP pool and damage outputs.
- Add a Debuff to CARNIVOROUS tames struck by the Tail swipe of the Bronto. It could be called something like "Jaw Breaker" or "Jaw Broken" and applies a 20% damage debuff for 5-10 seconds, and stack up to 3 times for a maximum of ~49% damage reduced from a tame with this debuff. Could stack with Shadowmane's similar damage debuff, thereby dragging out some DPS fights so they aren't a simple "3 bites from a max mutation giga and your 60k HP tame is dead." Giving further utility for ranged DPS to come in to play so fights aren't just Giga v. Giga and ONLY that because nothing else survives. This could fill the "Giga counter" niche I always seen on the New Map Creature Submissions recently while also giving use to an older tame.
- Add some form of shielding for Diplo passenger seats so they can't get killed off the back immediately when the Diplo receives damage. Adding more usability for the party bus in PVP and even PVE, by having a temporary shielding that disappears after a certain threshold of damage is received by the Diplo.

This is an extensive list, but I think for both gamemodes this would be a great set of changes to implement for our longnecked friends. And with the Amargasaurus coming with Lost Island, it's even more reason to give our other sauropods some loving too! 

Remember! This is merely a suggestion list! I'm not saying "I demand you do this!!!," I'm only saying "hey, would you spare a coin of your time to take some ideas from the community for the game?" I wish to get the ideas out there and see what people think! I'd love to hear comments, and to increase the number of people seeing this.

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