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XBOX and PC: No primitive+?


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editing my original post. I found a list of Primitive+ servers on xbox by typing in Prim in the search box. not how its done on PS4.

seems to be no scorched earth though.

ALso the server list finally manifest on my PC without crashing the entire game. thats a first as Ive tried for months randomly to get it to load. again no idea how its suddenly fixed. BUT

same issue as with my xbox...no scorched earth.

If its supposed to be there let me know. Ill make a server down report if needed.

also are valguero and crystal isles supposed to be on P+ Live? I see them on single player but never on Ps4 live so IDK if they are actually supposed to be on live as well or not and could not find anything on google.

thanks for your time.

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