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Community Crunch 293: Turkey Trial 5, Community Corner, and More!


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On 11/21/2021 at 1:49 PM, ohe said:

does this mean like, the rates will be added or multiplied?

for example; official will be 6x ? at the weekend?

The "event" part is the turkeys etc; the "evo" part is the rates. This means that there will be coloured dino's, chibis etc and the rates during the event will be as posted (x3 on officials with x1.5 on hex's). How is this hard to grasp?

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On 11/20/2021 at 8:04 PM, LavenderDreams said:

WildCard studios; As if you couldn't stoop any lower, you took a piece of someone's culture that's sacred to them, and you reduced it to a offensive joke. And one of the new chibis you put the Native headpiece on is a bloody MONKEY, of all the animals to choose from it had to be a bleeding MONKEY.

Enjoy getting cancelled, WildCard.
Good luck trying to justify this. You'll need it.

I am a Native American. I find it amusing. It may be dark and red but our skin is tough.

Nice artwork wildcard! I am just here to see what time the event starts. I have lots of eggs in preparation for this event. I am very excited. Keep up the work, I love the game. I know you guys are always working hard.

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Waited a bit, cleanly shut down my cluster.

Checked for updates just in case. None avail.

Restarted cluster, waited until all maps confirmed up and listening before starting the client.

Started ARK from Steam.

This time I didn't even have to click refresh. As soon as I clicked "Join Server" from the title screen, the client crashed.


Outstanding. QA is for nerds amirite


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50 minutes ago, spacefiddle said:

I run my own server; it's 3 feet to my left, on my LAN. The same GigE network my PC with ARK is on.

Server updated at4:20 (hold the snickering, please...), I was connected at the time. Logged off, server updated and restarted. Then the client patched right after I quit.

Now ARK can't find my server that is ON MY LAN.

I hit "Refresh."

The client crashed.


Another day, another holler....

Bugs -> https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/bugs/

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