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Hey guys. Im looking for a new tribe to train me up into a good player. I had friends in ark already, I joined their tribe but they were defending every day. Finally got wiped on Saturday by two tribes teaming up on server - island 589

Im level 125, have genesis 1 and 2. Around 80k hexagon points atm. 

Im good at breeding, taming, raising, farming, cave defence, I have a griffin and wyvern trap on crystal 1327 and can farm prime crystal or milk for any wyverns I need PVP help.

Im 30 years old, from Ireland and I work from home.  GMT timezone. It helps to make sure there's no offline timer.

I have tek engrams from island and aberration, including tek pod and tek cave. 

I need extinction boss fight and genesis bossfights

Playstation network ID Darren_Mac88

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