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pve [Xbox/Windows10] A Twisted Sparrow, PvPvE 10x

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PvP & PvE

PvE Has All Maps

PvP Has Island, Gen 2 & Rag

PvE Has A Taming Map With Dinos From Other Maps, No Building Allowed

PvP Has An Almost Official Map With Only Taming And Breeding Being Boosted

Max Level Is 152

Max Wild Is 669

Max Tek Is 802

Max Wild Egg Is 847

Floating Damage On For PvE, Off For PvP

Custom Drops

Alliances Are Off On PvP, On For PvE

Infinite Pick Up

Reduced Player Thirst & Hunger

Mating Interval .03

175% Egg Hatch Rate

100x Maturation

20x Mating Speed

15x Fishing Loot

20x Turret Damage

Discord: https://discord.gg/j7UeXu9EvN


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