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Community Crunch 292: New Sponsored Mod, Community Corner, and More!

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On 11/15/2021 at 4:15 AM, ccz2887 said:

The artwork is cool and all, but I would really like to see if some stuff is being worked on.  What bugs are being looked into?  What QOL conditions are being considered (the QOL catalog is outdated IMO)?  Just a short list of things that would be nice to see since Ark 2 isn’t coming out until 2023 ( should be longer IMO):

Some sort of device to read live birth creatures.

A fix to troughs showing ranges on log ins when they are on hide range setting 

Allow HLNA to be utilized on other maps or an improved spyglass

The ability to transfer boss trophies and flags to other maps (but maybe make it so they are display only)

Allow the transfer of element or shards in PvE

The ability to start boss fights from transmitter 

Investigate why Gen 2 servers are crashing during events across platforms(it happened during summer bash, fear evolved and a lot people got shafted on the extra life event)

Last but not least, fix the hover skiff tractor beam so it’s not so derpy

Other than that looking forward to Turkey Trials and hoping the servers are somewhat stable and playable.

there are a few things I would like to point out aswell for us PVE players who want to breed mutations cannot kill the dinos we have to sacrifise them to other creatures or wait for them to starve to death but if we toggle PVP setting we can easily kill them and get the xp but then we have to wait for criosickness if we picked them up to compare stats I know the egg icibator allows us to destroy the eggs but we can't don't the xp from that so atleast let there be a setting where we can still hurt unclaimed dinos for PVE or atleast let the destroy egg option give you xp and all the tames around you.

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On 11/15/2021 at 10:17 AM, ccz2887 said:

Ya know that was a little uncalled for, did I say that?  No.  Are those things I listed things that many have talked about in servers?  Yes!  Where in anything what I posted is justified to receive a response like that?  The point I was trying to make was that the communication out of WC needs to be much better than it is.  How many other people on this forum gripe and complain and hardly get a look at and I get that kind of response?  When I’m just throwing up some things that MAYBE might be a good thing to come to the game that others have expressed as well, in a place where I know WC will see it!  I come here for the same reason everyone else does, information about the game, events and what might be to come.  Not to get a sarcastic, simple minded response that does nothing to intellectually advance constructive discussion from a volunteer moderator on a forum that I had thought was the sole purpose therein, to talk about the game we all love??  Introduce ideas?  Express concerns?  If there was something else bothering you fine, we all have those days but there’s no need to take it out on anyone unprovoked.  The times I have come here and laid out my frustrations has not been towards anyone EXCEPT WILDCARD!  If it’s about the complaints here about the game then my only answer is, maybe those enabling WC to produce mediocre should stop.  Maybe it’s time WE ALL hold WC to a higher standard in which we all know they are capable of.


To Joebl0w13:  I would greatly appreciate it if you refrain from unprovoked responses like that,  I didn’t attack you, don’t attack me.  Thank you.

Lol you can't give positive criticism or the unofficial bobs will attack you. Have to get used to it here 

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