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Kileskus is the earliest tyrannosauroid known. Since thereare 3 fossils of Kileskus thathave been discovered, a claw, a foot and a ptretty skuffed chunk of skull, I will ignore most scientific drawings and make somthing that is (totally) plausible out of kileskus.

I like to think its crest could have been sharp and serated, possibly inflicting  large amount of damage. there havebeen to many bleed kings recently and I ahve a feeling the andrew will do a bleed and I dont want to many bleeds in the game. this would be the first carnivore to have a ram attack.

Maybe, since it is a russian creature that the yutyrannus evolved from, this creature has learned to imitate the yutyrannus's roar to pacifiy carnos. however, carnos are to prideful to take orders from a little creature like Kileskus and Kileskus will have a better chance of survival if it leaves the carnos alone. They can also uise this imitation against beach side creaturesthat havenever heard the yuty, this will mkae all of them flee.

these creatures can be found across the realms but are concentrated in yoderheim. Their primitive feathers hold water, which freezes onto these feathers in the cold making a tail swing a dangerous tool. while, partially frozen, the Kileskus uses this to its advantage, making a great peircing armor (recoil) and will be used as a shattering club. living along side the Yuty and in fear of it, Kileskus has found away to "catch" its roars in its crest to repeat back at the yuty, thiscan scare the yutyrannus's carnos away.

along with being a pack animal, with enough of them, they can leap at a creature with their strong feet to push some larger foes down. that is, if there are enough, if not then they have waste alot of  stamina leaving the entire pack a ta disadvantage. however, if they suceed, this will push their enemy over, stunning the creature as it tries to get up. they can do this to anything up to the size of a mammoth. the yutyrannus, evolving along side these pests, has learned to not fight while the rats scurry into formation, this allows the yuty to brace itself for impact, and still stand, making the pack often not survive this mistake. if one is on the yuty, the yuty will refuse to attack while the pack of Kileskus are jumping. This group pounce can be activated (while on a Kileskus) by pressing jump while facing the target. Any available( not stunned, riden, out of stam, etc.) will jump. If enough makeit onto the creature targeted in 5 seconds the group pounce will be sucessful and the creature will be pushed down into its unconscious animation wait 5 seconds, then play the getting up animation. i think if the rider was forced off, this would be too op. The player cant doanything other tha ndismount while theit tame while this is happening. This is il-advised considering all of thepack will be on the tame. 

these creatures being from a country with, uhm, an equal society and form of government, have that same mentality in the pack. any creature can initiate thegroup pounce (as long as its being ridden.)

The creature over all seems a bit op for something the size of a Gallimimus, but remember how does the tiny feathered chicken with a crest become the thing everyone hates, and why does a pig come into boss fight? look at the 2 dromeosaurs currently in the game, one is a basic creature with a bite and pack boost. raptor + feathers= a stackable bleed, climbing abilities, and the ability to latch onto larger creatures+ being over all a good mount that is taken into fight 3 bosses at once. clearly feathers are what makes things OP. considering the Kileskus is covered in feathers for its survival, it must be considerably OP.

so i think for its attacks, primary attack, head swing- swings its head around, does some knockback but over all is the base attack.

secondary attack- head ram/tail swing (is tail swing when tail is frosted over. tail frost is removed once this attack has been used) - charges ram similar to trike, does a good amount of damage, no trike stun, no destroying structures. requires a rider to perform

tertiary attack- "yuty" roar- pacifies carnos, scares anything found on the beech and other small creatures. 

jump- (while looking at a target that has the "rage" debuff symbol on it (works similarly to the deino showing the "gnashed" symbol on a creature it can latch onto) it will make all available Kileskus jump at the target (as long as they are not on passive, stunned, ridden, etc.) If enough Kileskus jump at the target, thetarget will be forced into its unconscious animation for 5 secs

dossier is being made

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Something else I didn’t mention is there will be a fin on top of kileskus’s crest that will normally be pulled down but when the Kileskus is holding a roar, this fin will rise up. Similar to the rock drake feathers when they’re near an enemy reaper. This visual indicator will make it less of a guessing game.

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