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Another community chosen dino for the newer map Fjordur.


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Well its that time again Ark is making another community voted dino. I had heard the last time this happened some youtuber had his lackeys vote for a creature that HE wanted, not what the community voted for. If this is true he will absolutely do it again. Everyone was very upset about it if it was indeed his fault alone that Dinopithicus is going to be in the game. Yet no one did anything about it. It never makes sense when people have the power to change something they don't like yet they INSIST on complaining about how terrible such and such is. Since that person doesn't know any better how about we all pool together, stop and think for a week or two trying to prepare some sort of idea to prevent history from repeating itself? So says every history teacher. Its absolutely possible. If this community can get together to make a free map or to make mods that improve the games quality of life and amount of fun, surely we can figure out how to combat a youtubers influence or power? Contact wild card in heaps and let them know the voting was rigged. Have a mini vote where alot of us will vote on the creature that we want as a community (some how discreetly to prevent the lackeys from pooling in their votes. A discord or something) and then when that mini vote for what dino we want has the most we then all agree and mass vote the real voting poll that we chose for the mini vote. These are two ideas i have atm. Anyone else game for suggestions on ideas?

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Well, the last round was pretty rough. I mean if you appreciate irony, it was a hilarious outcome. If we leave it to "that '' youtuber, we would not be playing Ark but rather planet of the apes/bats game (which could be fun, but I rather have it be its own thing). He might even ask to remove dinosaurs from the game at some point.

However, I don't want to deny that there were people honestly happy with the outcome. Therefore, Godspeed to those that really wanted to have, ahem, a different point of view.

The next vote will fail by your standards, @Morikar, which I also seem to relate to. There is nothing WC can actually do about it. The way I handle situations like this: Applying past experience and setting the expectation along those lines (in this case very low expectation), think of it as "bonus" if it's otherwise.

Wildcard did their part to try and counter some "odd" votes, I was able to catch the difference as I was personally invested on the topic. I can't fault them for trying, it blew on their face and any community engagement will do so to be honest. 

I am not interacting or engaging with the next round up, I will just let it pass. If I drop by when the vote actually takes place, sure I will vote, but I will do so knowing the least interesting one will win, therefore anything above that will be my "bonus", thus I will be happy.

Ultimately if you want something well done, do it yourself, since I am no fan of programming, I will make do with WC, at least I have the option to mod things that I like to adjust, I never thought I, of all people would adhere to modding, but wow, some are really cool.

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