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Cryolophosaurus- the Ice Spitter



Name  : Cryolophosaurus

Species    Cryolophosaurus  glacialis

Era : Lower Jurassic

Diet : Carnivore

Temperament : Agressive


Wild: Often in groups of two or three, it can possibly be found alone, in the cold, which facilitates its taming. It easily attacks creatures larger than itself such as a Triceratops or a Carnotaurus. It has a very large spotting distance of 20m around it and then alert all the others of its kind to come and attack any survivors or tame creature. It is extremely aggressive and can freeze its prey with the help of its ice breath like the Wyvern of the same type or else spit out a venom which will unseal its trainer from its mount while lulling it to sleep. Under his throat is his fluid / gel "reserve" which fills up when he drinks. its saliva which is poisonous which puts any bitten entity to sleep.


Taming: Only few people succeed in taming the animal in question, at least few people have come back and alive. When he has blown his ice cream, you have to shoot him well in the mouth so that his gel comes back on him and once this is done, you can feed with meat as a passive pleasure


Tamed: If you manage to get the chance to tame it, then you haven't ridden like a horse or in this case a raptor. By making him drink very cold water, he will then fill his throat with gel / fluid and you can then crash on anything that passes in front of you. With its ice breath, it also offers a kind of body resistance boost to your dinosaurs and tame creatures. This beast is a real stalker capable of unearthing you any preys, unfortunately if these are too hardy, it will not really make the weight



Data in Ark:

Abilities: He has impressive abilities including a paralyzing jet (r3 / c / r), drink (L2 / right click / L2), a "turret" mode (r1 / left ctrl / r1) which allows the frozen breath, the breath icy (r2 / left click / r2 with turret mode), and the poison bite (r2 / left click / r2). When it touches its prey, it will shine like an aberrant and will see its strength and speed increased

It is a good looking animal and useful for certain combat, it is linked to the Nordic and glacial environment. A theropod with the ability to spit ice is really nice and I really wanted to see this creature from Mod ARK Addition: The Collection! created by Garuga arrived on Ark for people unable to download mods.


PS: If the creater don't want to see his creature in submission list,n i will heard him.

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