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Mapusaurus: the Giga's new rival



Mapusaurus is a massive carcharodontosaurid carnosaurian dinosaur from the early Late Cretaceous that was on par in size with other carnivores such as Giganotosaurus. Because Mapusaurus were only slightly smaller than Giganotosaurus in real life, I wanted my concept to turn Mapusaurus into the perfect rival for ARKs massive apex predator that is the Giga. It's only slightly smaller than the giga, and from a distance they would look to be essentially the same size when standing next to each other. Despite being nearly the same size, Mapursaurus doesn't do as much damage as the giga, dealing slightly less damage per second. It has a massive stomp attack that does bonus damage to anything smaller than itself and it also has a roar attack it can use every 30 seconds that stuns creatures for 10 seconds, and this stun also works on the giga. This stun would allow Mapusaurus to catch up in damage if it were to be fighting the Giga. It isn't superior to the giga, nor is it a counter to the giga, but it is highly capable in its own way. It would also be immune to regular narcotics, making bio-toxins the only effective way to knock one out in order to begin the taming process. 

Mapusaurus is a formidable and terrifying beast, an apex predator unlike anything I have ever come across in my time on the ARK thus far.  What makes it even more nightmarish is that it also appears to be slightly bigger than Giganotosaurus.

If you see a Mapusaurus in the wild, run as fast as you can immediately. Mapusaurus has an arsenal of tools at its disposal that allows it to dispatch nearly anything that it crosses paths with. For creatures smaller than it, it has a viscous attack where it ferociously stomps the ground around it using all of its body weight. For creatures larger than itself or of similar size and stature, it has a roar so powerful that upon hearing it, everything around it will become disoriented and dazed as they try to regain their ability to hear properly.  

Taming Mapusaurus is a dangerous prospect. They seemingly have a natural resistance to narcotics due to their hyper-energetic nature, and can break through most structure types with their stomp attack. Yet the sheer size and immense power that the Mapusaurus possesses makes it worth the risk!


(dossier concept art used here was created by me by mixing together various media and pre-existing dossiers that I found and reused)


my ark mapusaurus concept dossier.jpg

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Scientific Name: Mapusaurus Roseae

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive 

Info: The Mapusaurus was a massive predator that was slightly bigger than a Rex and unlike other big predators they were thought to hunt in a pack. They could be used as a Giga counter and in the wild if a Giga and Mapusaurus saw each other they would fight. They also would be able to go into boss fights unlike the Giga. They also hunted Argentinosaurus which was one of the biggest dinosaurs to ever live so they could have a damage and resistance buff whenever fighting a giant predator like a Giga, Titanosaur, or Titan. Another ability they could have is if they are pack boosted then they could do an intimidation roar that could make enemies do less damage, make them run away for a short period of time, or drain their stamina. Their teeth are similar to a Giga’s so they could also have a bleed. This bleed could be kept after taming or they could lose it like a Giga or Ravager. A stomp or tail swing attack could be en ability they could have.

Fjordur: This map would be perfect for the Maposaurus because there is tons of open land around the map, especially in Asgard. If Wildcard doesn’t change this than you can also fight every single major boss (like the Broodnother and Manticore) as well as all of the Titans. A new boss fighting creature would be great for this map because you would be able to try them out on all of these bosses. There are also a couple of world bosses specific to Fjordur that you could use Maposaurus on. 3B87DCAE-ADF4-4F58-B430-34FF4A89B541.jpeg.261189a9c46652a1e5112680e03eec54.jpeg

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I like this idea. Maybe nerf the stun to about 5-6 seconds and also make it able to damage stone structures at around 500 dmg but only with its stomp attack, making it a bit harder to knock out since it will be up to par with the Giga. Have it lay Extra Large Eggs too. Another idea here but what if it had a base damage higher than an Allo but maybe equal or slightly lower than a Rex, then make it have a high base stamina and higher % gain for stamina each level. Also having its movement speed near or same as a Giga, preferably as fast as an Allo respectably. This basically makes it a high stamina carnivore with decent damage and very viable for pvp raids etc. Weight should be good and a small suggestion ti have it gains weight reduction on Raw Meat perhaps? Much more PvE friendly as a meat runner who can still run fast, for a duration longer than 5 seconds (we’re talking about the Giga), and hit hard. These are all my little suggestions, love the idea.


Edit: Have the roar take out a decent chunk of stamina (same/similar to Yuty) so people can’t spam it, maybe a short period of immunity too. Another idea for the roar is that everything in its radius of the roar (same radius as a yuty) take 20% damage INPUT from Carnivores and 10% more from Herbivores (this will be for enemy dinosaurs) and if you have allied dinos in the radius have them gain a 10% damage OUTPUT with a small 10% INPUT so that you can possibly counter this method but still gain a boost. Just to make things 50/50 but still have the buff noticeable. Love the image btw.

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hello everyone i'm philosoraptor I'm a new member to the community and today I want to introduce the mapusaurus a creature that i think would be perfect for the lost island, mapusaurus is a dinosaurs in the carcharodontosauride and would feast on sauropods and titanosaurs, it is currently the 5th biggest carnivore dinosaur discovered and was discovered in Argentina where it hunted the most biggest dinosaur in the world argentinosaurus, mapusaurus hunted in packs of large numbers and it when i fought giant dinos it would take chunks of them and eat it instead of killing straight ahead. anyway lets start. and please let me know if you have feed back.

A pack of Mapusaurus hunting a young Argentinosaurus by Pam Gonzales |  Dinosaur art, Prehistoric animals, Dinosaur images


these stats are for a level 1

H: 2500

S: 435

O: 150

F: 4000

W: 510 



T: 1650


forests: 15%

hills: 24%

mountains: 45%

3 mapusaurus will spawn as a pack 

attacks and buffs

primary attack: bite

secondary attack: slash with bleed ( they dont really use there claws in real life so.....) 

the mapusaurus also gets a pack boost when in a pack,

taming method: 

now this taming method is very different from others because you have to feed it dead dino carcasses that you the player killed. if it kills something itself and eats it or eats a random carcasses that your tribe did not kill then sadly the taming bar will remove 15 percent of it taming will go down so it is best to use a trap and put an already existing carcasses there THAT YOU KILLED, there are tiers of  carcasses which are small, medium, and large. and its better to feed them large carcasses for better taming effectiveness

small gives 5%= raptor 

medium gives 15% = trike 

large gives 45%= rex 

now you might be saying that 45 is to much!, but here's the catch you must be carful with how much you feed him because if the mapusaurus is on 70% and you gave it a large carcass then it would enter a mode called overtamed where the taming process will be reversed  and it will be untamable for 5 mins and in that mode it will become faster and run away so when you feed it it must be a clean 100% so you can feed it 2 large and 2 small so it can be a clean 100 or maybe just keep feeding it small carcasses.

once you feed it a carcass it will take some time till it eats again, it like passive taming but with extra steps.


1. the mapusaurus will is bigger than a rex but smaller than a giga

2. to make your own pack tame 3 mapusaurus's and the highest level will become the leader and you can make the pack to a gang

3. the game mechanics i made for the mapusaurus is very different from its real counter part.

4. some carcasses are not draggable so you can kill the creatures in the trap then put the mapusaurus or just make it chase you then it will get distracted by the carcasses. 

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