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MIOPETAURISTA EXPLOTUS: The flying squirrel that explodes



Miopetaurista Explotus (crusafonti)

Time: Miocene

Diet: Granivore

Temperament: Explosive Curious

Wild: Seeing rodents in Ark is difficult since it is a brutal environment and ecosystem where it is not enough to be cute and fluffy to survive, but this is not the case of the myopic, who despite being a squirrel is big enough to be what it is. I have observed this curious animal for a while, and I have noticed several things, one that it is attracted to shiny objects, and two, that it has not only survived because of its large size, but also seems to find conversion into one of the alpha species for a quirky adaptation, which is literally the opposite of what a common flying squirrel would do, crash while gliding.

Domesticated: Not even the largest predator could compare to this shotgun-sized ball of fur, it is surprisingly absurd how a squirrel has brought an entire ecosystem to its little legs and all for its power to blow things up ... that's right, explode . When observing the myopetaurist, I have seen that he is at the moment of planning, he is going with such speed and precision that he begins to generate a charge that at the moment of collision, it explodes like a ballistic missile would. This characteristic has caused many tribes to turn the myopic into a weapon of mass destruction, with which they demolish entire fortresses against anyone with whom they have outstanding accounts.


-Within the skills of the myopic, there is the main and most destructive that is to plan and hit a fixed target and then crash into it and make it explode. Note: some characteristics of this ability are that when used, the tail of the myopetaur generates a wick effect, and also that when the glider of the mine collides and explodes, the effect of this results in an explosion similar to that of the firecrackers.

-Also has the ability to collect rare resources when "roam" mode is enabled.

-Can gnaw structures of all kinds, from straw walls to metal walls, being the only teks that cannot be destroyed.

The myopetaurist's design would therefore be that of a flying squirrel larger than that of the mesopithecus,measuring approximately half of the player's body. It has a reddish-orange fur, with brown tones and some parts in black and white, being these are some spots that it has on its back, arms and head, which appear to be a skeleton.Also, so that it is noted that it is a flying squirrel, it would have its patagio (membrane with which it glides), hanging from its extremities.
Reason why it should be entered and how the meta would change:
Here are the reasons why the shortsighted person is a necessary creature,it's a squirrel ... Ark definitely needs a squirrel in the game, and what better thing than to just appear on a Viking map?The meta would have a lot of influence since all the explosives would be replaced by the short-sighted, because with his ability to explode when gliding, he has the power to make ashes up to the fortresses more difficult, being also perfect to send it to caves where there are rat hole bases, and the miopetaurista destroys them.
Another reason why it should be added is that there are absolutely no shoulder Dinos that are fully suitable for pvp (not counting the noglin, which you have to buy it).

Firecracker glider:
The gliding and exploding skill is somewhat complex but easy to use, the first thing to do is to carry it to the nearsighted person on the shoulder, adjust it to aggressive mode, activate a new option called "glide to the objective ", and launch it, so that the player is automatically introduced to a short-sighted perspective, where the player can control the squirrel with maewing-style controls where to generate the spark that would send the explosion, the player would have to pull both attack triggers to produce an energy charge (which would be reflected in his tail),and then already done this, simply crashing with a structure, creature or player, to ash the entire area in a gigantic explosion that could smash absolutely everything, even tek shields

Taming: The taming of the myopetaur consists of attracting the myopetaur with shiny objects (compasses, spyglasses, radios, handcuffs, trackers, ammunition, etc.), and when it is nearby, passively feeding it with seeds.

Pd: Sorry if there are things misspelled or just not understandable, but English is not my language, thanks




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1 hour ago, aR0y2810 said:

Imagina tener algo para tirar / lanzar a distancia, que explota cosas ... porque los magmasaurios lanzan proyectiles explosivos y existen granadas

the miopetaurista is not like a grenade, because with the grenades you have to calculate the area where it falls and explodes besides that grenades are not so used anymore,the point of this is that you have more control when using the miopetaurista.There is also another detail, and that is that just as I mentioned in the reasons why it should be included,being in the game, people would replace explosives with miopetaurista, since this would be quite useful for raiding bases in caves or rathole type.

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