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Sabertooth Squirrel



A saber toothed squirrel would perfectly fit this new map. The map is covered in cold woodlands, which would be the desired home for the prehistoric squirrel. This squirrel could use its sharp teeth to grind low end materials for players. This squirrel would be small enough to ride on players shoulders. Not to mention it would be one of the cutest creatures in the game without a doubt.


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Oof I posted one similar to this but not the same species 😬 if you don’t mind I’ll add to this one with what I posted. 

The Bitter Squirrel/Ratatoskr/Kopidodon Macrognathus


The Bane to my existence… and I’m making it your problem. Everyone remembers Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel that was more deprived of the nut than anyone. Well we’ve got the rest of the cast might as well bring in the one who started every movie off with its plot. (I realize this is not the actually species that Scrat was ) 


Name: The Bitter Squirrel


Species: Kopidodon Macrognathus


Time: Eocene Europe 


Diet: seeds and vegetables 


Temperament: Aggressive 


Wild: although it looks bigger due to the fluffy fur it is no larger than a saber tooth and  found in mainly redwoods or snow biomes this creature will insight conflict wherever it goes. Making normally passive residents of the Ark attack each other. They seem to be quite fascinated by all the chaos and will climb up tall cliffs or trees to watch the spectacle below. Usually found alone the only reason they would be together is when tamed and even then they just tolerate the company of another Kopidodon. So long as it is opposite it’s own gender. 


Taming: befriending this four legged bad attitude is no walk in the Ark “Park”. Kopidodon will make every attempt to run you off or lure in unwanted company. While survivors have attempted the good ole sedation method all have ended with ill results. It would seem that this creatures only real love is viewing a good fight and stuffing it’s face full of seeds and vegetables.


Domesticated: what reason anyone would have for keeping this loathsome thing around I have no idea. But it does seem useful enough as a companion. Trusted though? Not likely. It’s bushy tail and fur would keep any survivor warm in even the coldest conditions. Provided you keep it on a short leash and away from anything it could aggrivate. Add on the fact that it breaks anything it puts between it’s teeth and you’ve got yourself resources out the wazoo. This fuzz ball will scamper across tree tops and cause conflict amongst anything insight. Not unlike it’s Norse counterpart for which I assume it is related, for its bad attitude and willingness to encourage conflict.




Obviously a regular bite or scrap with claws


Pounce: from a higher point, Kopidodon will jump down on unsuspecting adversaries, knocking them down and gaining speed afterwards to make an escape 


Gnawing mode: chittering teeth together it begins to break down anything in its way much like a chainsaw/mining drill. It will consume more seeds/veggies in this stance but will harvest thatch and  some wood from trees and just flint from rocks. Can do some real damage to foes in a pinch. Will continue even dismounted and grind anything in its inventory (yes the tropeognathus has this covered but they are so rare) 


Scamper/climbing stance: able to jump from tree to tree in quick succession, working somewhat like the rock drake and flattening itself to gain a little gliding (not too much) 


Annoying Antagonizer: (the AA) This screech when used will annoy anything in the immediate area around the creature making them flee, only to have them return enraged. (This idea really stems from the Norse messenger of the eagle and Nidhogg, Ratatosk who carries vile messages back and forth between the two. Fueling their hatred for one another. So it’s a scare but with drawbacks as anything scared will come back for vengeance! )


Riot: this stance allows the Kopidodon to screech at its full capacity and coax all creatures in its vicinity to become aggressive to each other. In this stance the Kopidodon gains movement speed to run away while chaos ensues. (yutyrannus roar with ammonite/magmasaur effect, 10 seconds timer for speed boost) 


Warmth Bonus: acting like the otter, or ferox and boosting your cold resistance as it lives in the snow/redwoods (mainly for the Jotunnhiemi area)


I’m sorry my idea is more for a mount but I feel like the utility of something being able to aggravate everything in its vicinity and benefit from it would be great. 😬 I’ll add a dossier once I finish it up 👍🏽

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