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An extinct genus of sperm whale. Because there are no water exclusive creature in community maps, this is a best idea I can think of myself, especially for this map since it's more of a "cool" environment themed map.


(Wikipedia article: As a starting point for basic info, includes scientific papers for cited references for article)


(Ark fan-work references)


(Ark Workshop mod video reference)

I can imagine it being something similar to what this modder did with their own Livyatan, in which its call can stun enemies. Just an idea.

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As long as Wildcard updates oceans and water ecosystem iam all in.


He could be like underwater battering RAM, or be made into submarine with Metal Tier Saddle. Where it could mount 2 torpedoe guns on his sides. Giving him some long range attack along the tail stun/knockback.

Where would be the player seated? Perhaps on top a small platform saddle in size of 4-6 foundations. Preff with no water inside

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this would be really cool (no pun intended) I think this made top ten last time and its what i voted for its more winter themed than the Carcharodontosaurus witch is almost guaranteed to win since it almost tied with dinopithecus. if you didn't put this in first i probably would have. i don't doubt it making top ten again especially with it being more snow themed.

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