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Would love to get the skiff open, is there anyone who could help me?

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Hi there, been playing and enjoying ark for years, due to work and family I don't seem to have a great deal of time to undertake bosses solo and have mainly done them with friends over the years, problem is now, I would love to get the skiff engraved open but most have my friend's have ditched ark or are busy. Is there anyone here I could join in with possibly For reward? I have dinos/rexs etc. Just desperate to jump in with someone if at all possible. I've heard facebook is a good place but I'm not on fb so hoping someone here may know someone or are about to do the corrupted master.

Many thanks in advance and apologies if this is the wrong place to post but I've just joined and it seems a but baffling to me at present.

I'm on ps4 and my tag is Davey1975pafc

Be great to hear from you and hoping I do, thanks 👍

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