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Helicoprion Suggestion.



Helicoprion: The death of the seas.

I'm not sure if this dossier is well done because english isn't my mother language but I think that the idea of the creature is fine.1334547853_Captura(2).thumb.png.023a19528f3d09a0965129a01e5e0d35.png

LEFT CLICK: A saw attack that inflicts bleeding.

RIGHT CLICK (With TEK saddle): Bites like a megalodon.

HOLD RIGHT CLICK (With TEK saddle): Grabs small creatures.

PRESS C (With TEK saddle): Performs a super jump out of the water with the propulsor and let you glide a bit with the wings (IF YOU DON'T HAVE OXIGEN YOU WILL LOSE LIFE WITH THE TIME).

PRESS R (With TEK saddle): Changes the tipe of proyectile that you will shoot with x like the tek bow.

PRESS X (With TEK saddle):  Shoot the proyectile that you choose with the R.

Thanks for reading my suggestion :)

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